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Free download: Trends in digital learning report

This year's digital trends report created with Project Tomorrow includes groundbreaking survey data from over half a million K-12 students, parents, teachers, librarians, principals, district administrators, communication officers, technology leaders, and community members. Find out how K-12 leaders are empowering personalized learning in America's schools.

"The answer is not to standardize education, but to personalize and customize it to the needs of each child and community. There is no alternative. There never was."
—Sir Ken Robinson

Download the report to learn more about 5 key concepts central to personalized learning:

  1. Center the learning around students' needs, time and pace.
  2. Use digital tools to better understand student strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Blend informal and formal environments to support student self-directed learning.
  4. Evaluate mastery or competence through project-based learning goals, not seat time or annual test scores alone.
  5. Encourage administrators to model the importance placed on technology.

Trends in digital learning: How K-12 leaders are empowering personalized learning in America's schools PDF

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