Blackboard Analytics for Student & Institutional Insight
Datasheet and Solution Overview

Learn more about Blackboard Analytics, how we're different, and what we can help you solve. 
Blackboard Analytics provides data warehouse technologies and services that are designed specifically for higher ed, and our team tailors the solution to your institutional profile.

In no time, you’ll be bringing evidence to every meeting with academic, financial, demographic, engagement and other metrics. The results you can achieve are remarkable, and the opportunities that will drive your students and institution forward are just waiting to be found.

With this datasheet, you will learn:
-How we're different than other analytics providers.
-What institutional issues our solutions can help you solve.
-The return-on-investment that our customers are seeing.
-And more.

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Pictured: Student Success Dashboard from Blackboard Analytics

Pictured: Mobile Report from Blackboard Analytics

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