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The K-12 Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series

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February 16 - Online Instructional Modules: Keeping the Design Process in Mind
Presenters: Darlene Schaefer, Natasha Wippel, Brandi Thurmond, Ann Taylor Lusk; Curriculum Instructional Leaders, NCVPS

This session will focus on the designing courses aligned to the core philosophies of the High Five Process, Bloom's Revised Taxonomy, and Universal Design for Learning. In this session we will highlight Blackboard tools that can be utilized to build content that aligns with these philosophies for creating online instructional modules. When you keep the design process in mind, you help teachers stay on track during the development process in developing a course that will lead to  improved student outcomes. Come join us for a session on how to keep the design process in mind as you develop online instructional modules for blended, traditional, and mastery-based courses.

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