Students: A New Way to Be "Book Smart"
Shop the Blackboard Store, finding and purchasing course materials just got easier. With the Blackboard Store, students now have the freedom to compare prices and choose the way they access assigned resources:
  • Digital or print
  • Rent or buy
  • New or used

And the Blackboard Store delivers more than just a simplified shopping experienceit provides students with a central place to manage their resources via a virtual bookshelf, as well as buyback options.

Instructors: Finally, a Single Source for Selecting Course Materials

Instructors enjoy a breadth of choice when it comes to discovering, integrating and assigning course materials:

  • Hundreds of thousands of print and digital titles
  • Open resources curated by subject matter experts
  • Publisher content from partners such as McGraw-Hill Higher Education, Pearson, Wiley and more
  • A marketplace with great textbook options

Instructors not only save time when searching for course materials, but they can also read peer reviews of selections and compare prices to find high-value, low-cost options for students.

To Shop the Blackboard Store:
Simply log in to your institution’s Blackboard Learn platform. Students will find their shopping experience tailored to browse only those course materials that have been assigned or recommended. Then click to buy and ship or download. (Yes, it’s that easy.)

And instructors may search for materials to assign and integrate within their courses using our “Research and Adoption Hub.”

For more information:
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The largest catalog of learning materials, with the most purchase options, in the most logical place: the Blackboard Store
Find the most affordable, flexible purchase options in one place
—your Blackboard LearnTM platform.

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