White Paper: Supporting Institutional Analytics
Analytics for Higher Ed

Review perspectives from cross functional leadership around the role of data, and analytics adoption in higher ed. 
The goal of this report is to explore the disconnect and share successful approaches as wel as the lessons learned from higher education leaders with experience implementing and adoption analytics solutions.

The information presented is based on interviews with 29 higher education leaders, representing 17 institutions in varying phases of deployment of Blackboard Analytics.

What You Will Learn:
-How to define the role of executive leadership.
-Managing the cultural shift to analytics.
-Implementing and adopting a solution.
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Quotes from the White Paper:
"Our mission was to ensure that every goal has a measurable metric and to bring the right people together from across the campus to make this happen."

"Analytics is a way of life, a way of thinking, a new way of management."

"You have to recognize that institutional analytics is an evolution, not a discrete, finite project."

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