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Four Leading Strategies to Identify, Attract, Engage, and Enroll the Right Students

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Is Your Institution Meeting Its Enrollment Goals?

Marketing & enrollment management leaders are faced with two common challenges in today's competitive higher education marketplace: 

  1. How to identify which degree programs to bring to market
  2. How to attract, engage, and enroll the right students to those programs  

Because marketing and enrollment management departments typically have a limited budget and a limited set of resources, these challenges are many times left unresolved. 

The result: New degree programs do not meet intended enrollment goals, potential revenue is lost, and faculty and staff are left trying to determine what went wrong.

Download this white paper and learn the 4 leading strategies to successfully identify, attract, engage, and enroll the right students for the right programs: 

  1. Research the market before launching a new degree program
  2. Understand target student profile
  3. Develop a customized communication strategy that entices the targeted candidates
  4. Nurture prospective applicants every step of the way