Four Leading Strategies to Identify, Attract, Engage, and Enroll the Right Students.

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Students today are dramatically different from students ten years ago. They’re not attending college just for a degree and “the college experience;” they want assurance of a job at the end of it all. And in addition to their heightened concern for finances, schedule flexibility, degree options, and a rewarding career, they want personalized answers—immediately. In short, they’re tough customers for marketing and enrollment departments to serve. Blackboard can help you navigate the marketing and enrollment needs of today’s students.

Download this free ebook, "Four Leading Strategies to Identify, Attract, Engage, and Enroll the Right Students," and you'll learn:

  • Why you need to research the market before launching a new degree program
  • How to understand target student profile and market
  • How to develop a customized communication strategy that entices the targeted candidates
  • How to nurture prospective applicants every step of the way

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