Free Guide: 
Justify an Analytics Investment

Every $1 spent on analytics gets back $13. Learn from a range of institutions, experts and leadership to find what you might get back.

According to a study conducted by EDUCAUSE and the Association of Institutional Research (AIR), more than 80% of IT and IR leadership consider analytics a priority for higher education’s continued success.

In this guide, we have drawn on the experience of a wide range of institutions as well as insight from industry experts and leadership to assemble four key steps that will help justify the cost of an analytics strategy in higher education.

What You Will Learn:
  • How schools are identifying the challenges to solve with analytics.
  • Reviewing a "build vs buy" strategy for institutional leadership.
  • Where and how analytics return-on-investment can be found.
  • How to review and identify vendor expertise and approach.
Analytics and data warehouse solutions can empower organizations to collect and act on institutional data at a greater scale and with higher precision than the rudimentary reporting tools available through campus SIS, ERP, and LMS systems. In order to do so, however, institutions must first understand the steps to make sure their investment in analytics is effective and successful.
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