Free eBook Download: The Essential Guide to K-12 LMS Evaluation
Choosing the optimal digital learning environment for your district.
Selecting the right learning management system (LMS) isn’t easy. There are many vendors to consider and big changes happening in the world of learning technology.

K-12 needs for learning management have moved well beyond course management. Today’s schools need to provide a true digital learning environment to power digital transformation.

Here’s what The Essential Guide to K-12 LMS Evaluation delivers:
  • What matters most in an LMS
  • How the LMS is evolving to a new digital learning environment
  • Important questions to ask of any LMS vendor
  • Why putting students at the center of the experience changes the game
  • Insight on the critical nature of student accessibility in digital learning
The stakes are high and choosing an LMS is a big decision. Make downloading this eBook the first step on the road to making that decision.

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