Case Study: Lewis & Clark Community College
Analytics for Student Retention

Learn how LCCC is utilizing Blackboard Intelligence to improve student retention, and save tuition revenue. 
Lewis & Clark Community College, a midsized community college in Godfrey, Illinois, have seen remarkable results from their data-driven retention initiatives.

Using Blackboard Intelligence to identify student risk levels and informing the most effective strategies for supporting them, Lewis & Clark has pioneered an approach to student retention - an approach that has empowered the school to be more efficient, and helped students achieve their goals.

What You Will Learn:
-How LCCC identifies and tracks at-risk students.
-The cost savings of recent data-driven retention programs.
-The role of Blackboard Intelligence in supporting student success.
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About Lewis & Clark:
Lewis & Clark Community College is an open access institution serving 20,000 students through a combination of online and offline course offerings. For Lewis & Clark, student retention isn’t a one-time initiative – it is a continuous process of exploration, evaluation, and refinement. It is a data-driven effort that involves educators, researchers, and administrators from across the institution.

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