K-12 Resource Center

Welcome to the Blackboard K-12 Resource Center. Here you will find several helpful resources related to Blackboard’s solutions for K-12, including brochures, case studies and white papers. For more information on Blackboard K-12 or to schedule a demo, please visit our website at blackboard.com/K12.

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Make teaching and learning more effective—in and beyond the classroom. Offer a highly accessible, user-focused K-12 learning platform that can deliver a better experience for everyone by creating efficiencies for teachers and engaging activities for students. Visit blackboard.com/Learn for more info.

Teaching and Learning Solutions

Hold real-time instruction sessions and professional meetings online, regardless of geography or learning style, and offer a more collaborative learning experience. You’ll engage every student, teacher, and parent on a more personalized level while saving time and money. Visit blackboard.com/collaborate for more info.

All the tools you need to engage and communicate with every member of your K-12 education community, including parents, teachers, students and more. Outward-facing, exceptionally designed district, school and classroom-level websites extend the learning experience well beyond the classroom. Visit blackboard.com/engage for more info.

Communication is the key to keeping parents engaged and students thriving. With Blackboard ConnectTM you can easily send targeted, multilingual messages to thousands of parents, students, teachers and community members within minutes via voice, e-mail, text and social media. Visit blackboard.com/Connect for more info.

Communications Solutions

Help teachers quickly and easily notify parents of their child’s performance, deliver assignment reminders, and offer help when students need it most. Visit blackboard.com/Connect for more info.

A dynamic communication tool that gives students, parents, teachers and administrators on-demand access to district-wide resources and essential information such as updates, events, calendars, directories and maps on their mobile devices. Visit blackboard.com/Mobile for more info.

Deliver instant access to learning from virtually anywhere, at anytime. Keep students supported and connected to their educational experience. Offer a more interactive teaching and learning experience on the devices they already rely on. Visit blackboard.com/MobileLearn for more info.

Strategically partnered with Blackboard, Moodlerooms is an education technology company that provides a full range of services for Moodle, an open-source software that educators use to manage and deliver instructional content to students in online classrooms. Visit moodlerooms.com for more information.

Open Source Solutions