We are excited to be working with the CourseSites team to launch the “Designing an Exemplary Course,” as part of the CourseSites Open Course Series. 

  • Course Description: Using the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program (ECP) Rubric as a guide, this open course will provide both theoretical concepts and practical tools for instructors to recognize, organize, and build online courses for both blended learners and online learners.
  • Presenters: ECP Directors and 2012 ECP Winners representing over ten institutions 
  • Duration: September 26 - October 17 
  • Format: Asynchronous content and activities; 1 live one hour session per week (Wednesdays at 2pm EST)
  • Audience:  Educators in K-12, higher education and continuing education environments who teach web-enhanced, blended, or fully online courses
  • Location: CourseSites by Blackboard, a free and open online learning platform
    • The learning environment  will offer learners the flexibility to choose their own learning outcomes and  time commitments based on individual needs.
    • To maximize benefits of participation, optional homework assignments will be provided each week to apply concepts to build out one’s own course structure and materials.
    • The course will provide a framework for forming collaborative teams.

Registration is OPEN! Click here to go to the course home page

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