Innovative districts across the United States have begun to think anew about how they justify online learning initiatives and have also found ways to generate return on their technology investments.  The resources on this site will demonstrate new ways to justify education technology decisions, to find federal funding for technology, and to improve efficiencies and increase ROI.
"From the beginning of this school year to today, we have over 234,000 visits to the curriculum guides posted on Blackboard.  The money saved the district in reduced publication costs alone is more than enough to offset the annual investment into our LMS." –Baltimore City

"Our traditional Hospital/Homebound program involved four full-time teachers traveling across the county to serve six to eight students each. Once we began our virtual program the teachers were based out of the county office and traveled virtually into the homes of students. Travel costs were cut 100%.  Given an average of a 15 mile travel trip, the savings to the district for 100 students is approximately $55,000 each year." – Clay County Home Connections Program

"The LISD Online Summer School program has shown that it can be self-sufficient and even make a profit from one year to the next.  Our 2010/11 Online School earned over $100,000 from fees – with 75% of that overall amount coming from our Summer Session."   – Lubbock ISD Online School

"We launched a green initiative and saved $3,000 by eliminating the need for black and white copies." – NJ Private School
Increase ROI and Reduce Costs with Education Technology
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