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Learning Mode Mixology
Friday, September 26, 2014
Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm ET
Ray Schroeder – Director UPCEA’s Center for Online Leadership and Strategy
Deborah Everhart - Director of Solutions Strategy, and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Georgetown University

Offering the Right Modality Mix for Today’s Learner
The industry is abuzz with terms like competency-based, adaptive, blended, flipped, mobile, open and more. What does it all mean and how can your institution assemble the right “mix” of teaching and learning offerings to meet the needs of today’s students?

Please join UPCEA and Blackboard, as they explore the evolving variety of teaching and learning modalities, the value each brings and the impact these modalities are having on higher education.

Our discussion will:
  • Explore trends that are driving this change
  • Envision the evolving landscape we see emerging in the coming year
  • Discuss research results related to these alternative modalities
  • Offer best practices used to achieve the right mix for your institution
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