Mooresville Graded School District: Digital conversion success for every child, every day


Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD) sought to prepare students for today's global economy and digital workplace, but faced declining performance data, a growing opportunity and digital divide and a meager budget.

The solution

They were able to transform teaching and learning through a digital conversion and improved student success across all metrics.


Watch the video, check out the stats, and download the case study to see how MGSD tackled challenges related to:

  • Declining student performance data
  • A growing digital divide
  • Tight budget constraints

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"Blackboard is one of a very few, very important educational partners for us. They provide the glue that holds our digital conversion together. The folks at Blackboard, like our other partners, understand that what we're after is measurable academic improvement, not just a technology system. That's what makes the partnership work for the district, our students, their parents, and our staff."

MHS Academic Performance score 68% to 91% Graduation jumped from 64% to 93% Attendence rose from 94% to 97%
Suspensions decreased 64% Spending per year per student

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