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Expert presenters Karen Yoshinno and Wade Weichel lead this lively presentation as we explore the Goal Performance Manager building block for Blackboard Learn and how Blackboard can help institutions turn ideas into action by accelerating an institutions journey along the path to Competency Based Education.

  1. Foundational Perspectives: What is CBE, how does it differ, and why do institutions pursue it?
  2. In depth knowledge of the Goal Performance Manager building block, details on its availability, and why you need it today.
  3. Elements for Success: planning, enabling, and executing a successful program that supports the learner.

Listen to this on-demand webinar and then gauge your institution's readiness for CBE with our self-assessment tool.

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Featured Presenters:

Dr. Karen Yoshion

Dr. Karen Yoshion
Principal Strategist,
Blackboard, Inc.

Wade Weichel

Wade Weichel
Senior Product Manager

Technology & the Path to Competency Based Education
The Goal Performance Manager building block for Learn helps integrate elements of a successful CBE Program