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Three teachers' journey's toward student-centric classrooms.

Three Teachers' Journeys Toward Student-Centric Classrooms

While their stories may differ, these teachers have one thing in common in their classrooms: highly engaged and motivated students. Check out their stories to see how changing their pedagogy and using technology has fundamentally changed the way their students learn and get tips for trying these initiatives on your own.

1:1 Learning

An education initiative in which a school or district provides each teacher and student with a laptop, notebook, or tablet PC for use at home and at school to enable blended learning. See how one teacher transformed her classroom by creating a student-centric 1:1 learning environment.

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Blended Learning

An education model that combines online learning with face-to-face learning in the classroom. Discover how an elementary school teacher created authentic engagement with her students by switching to a blended learning model.

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Flipped Classroom

A learning experience that inverts traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction online outside of class and moving "homework" into the classroom. Check out how this high school teacher gave his students freedom to explore self-paced learning by flipping his classroom.

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