Two way data integration

Faster, simpler, and "hands-free" with our new partnership with Authentica.

Digital learning is taking off in K-12 districts around the country, but district IT administrators are challenged to maintain multiple technologies, support teachers, and provide seamless synchronization. Our new partnership with Authentica enables districts to solve data integration challenges to minimize these challenges for your IT department, while maximizing teachers' time to do what they do best—teach! Connect your Blackboard digital learning environment and student information system by leveraging this powerful new partner, which will help districts:

  • Maximize teachers' time—enter grades once, not multiple times in multiple places
  • Seamlessly synchronize users, classes, enrollments, assignments, and grades
  • Minimize resource burdens on IT administrators to support

Find out how Authentica can help you simplify digital learning with seamless bi-directional data integration between your Blackboard digital learning environment and student information system. To simplify digital learning and drive adoption in time for back to school, Blackboard and Authentica have a special offer for you. Act fast, there are a limited number of spots.

Interested in learning more? Take a look at our Authentica datasheet.

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Authentica Solution and Blackboard datasheet

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