A survey of educational institutions on their journey to CBE

Competency-based education (CBE) is taking off. It's estimated that 600 post-secondary institutions have a CBE program in the implementation stage or already underway. That's ten-times the number found just two years ago.

With all this interest, we polled recent webinar attendees to find out where they are on their journey to CBE, and to see what challenges and level of effort they're experiencing as they make their way into this exciting new world.

In the brief summarizing our survey results, you'll learn:

  • Where institutions are on their journey to CBE, from monitoring the landscape to program expansion
  • The challenges that institutions anticipate that they'll encounter
  • The areas that will require the most effort as institutions transition to CBE

Download this brief today to see how your CBE expectations and experiences compare.

CBE survey brief-preview

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