How K-12 schools are meeting the expectations of parents for digital communications

This year's community engagement report create with Project Tomorrow includes new survey data from over half a millon K-12 students, parents, teacher, librarians, principals, district administrators, communication offers, technology leaders, and community members. Find out how K-12 schools are meeting the expectations of parents for enhanced digital communications.

"How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things but how we are understood."
—Andrew Grove, Former Chairman and CEO of Intel

Download the report to learn more about 4 key concepts central to community engagement:

  1. Administrators are increasingly adopting digital tools to engage parents
  2. Parents increased use of social media tools in their personal lives is changing how they want to receive information from teachers.
  3. Parents want timely, easily digestible, and quickly accessible information on their smart devices
  4. Administrators and parents both place a high value on personalized home-to-school communications.