How do Instructors REALLY use the LMS?
Five Course Design Archetypes

In a recent study of anonymized data from 70,00 courses from 927 institutions, researchers from Blackboard have discovered five instructional design patterns used by instructors to create meaningful educational experiences.

In this research, we’ll discuss the following five course design archetypes:

  1. Supplemental – high in content but with very little student interaction

  2. Complementary – used primarily for one-way teacher-student communication

  3. Social – high peer-to peer interaction through discussion boards

  4. Evaluative – heavy use of assessments to facilitate content mastery

  5. Holistic – high LMS activity with a balances use of assessments, content, and discussion

In contrast to previous research, which tends to view course design as a continuum characterized by increasing levels of sophistication, what this research underscores is the fact that there is legitimate diversity in the ways that learning management systems are used.

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