The essential guide to LMS evaluation

Choosing a learning environment that will work for your organization, now and in the future, can be a challenge.

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Looking to move beyond yesterday’s LMS?

With so many Learning Management System (LMS) vendors out there - and with so much happening with learning technology - choosing a learning environment that will work for your organisation, now and in the future, can be a challenge. This is especially true as the LMS has moved well beyond course management alone. This guide is designed to help you get past the competing claims, the long lists of feature-by-feature comparisons, and focus on the most essential factors to keep in mind as you make your evaluation.

In The Essential Guide to LMS Evaluation, you’ll learn:

  • What matters most in an LMS
  • The innovations that are changing the definition of an LMS
  • The impact of the modern-day learner
  • How the right LMS will help you drive knowledge throughout your workforce and help drive down costs and improve your bottom line

Whether you’re evaluating an LMS for the first time, or re-evaluating your current approach, this guide’s for you. Make downloading this guide the first step on the road to making that decision.

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