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Mobile Buyer's Guide:

Ten Things Your Mobile App Provider Must Know

Finding the Right Mobile Provider Doesn't Have to Be Rocket Science

When it comes to asking whether or not your district should go mobile, the data is clear. With over 77% of K-12 parents using smartphones, a mobile app is a must-have tool for your district. While there are lots of mobile app providers out there, selecting the right one is often anything but simple.

Unlike other buyer’s guides you may have seen, Blackboard’s offers you the top ten things to look for in a provider – and won’t take all day to read. The result? You’ll be well on your way to making a smarter decision and that much closer to connecting your district and community.

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Quick Tips from Nixa Public Schools

When considering a mobile app:
1. Conduct a community survey - what do they want in an app?
2. Don't assume: Ask your provider a lot of questions
3. Have a direct line to tech support to resolve issues quickly