Montana Digital Academy: No limits on learning

Watch the video and download the case study to learn how Montana Digital Academy (MTDA) removes geographic barriers and makes learning as easy as possible by personalizing credit recovery with Blackboard Classroom.


MTDA aspired to provide rigorous curricular options for students across Montana and improve credit recovery success.


MTDA implemented Blackboard Classroom and Personalized Learning Designer enhancements to create a virtual school and improve credit recovery success.


95% of Montana High Schools use MTDA to expand opportunities for students and MTDA has achieve a 99% success rate in credit recovery for the last 3 years.

"With Blackboard Classroom, we have data for making data-driven decisions. It gives us actionable data to make the program better. We're using that data to keep refining and improving educational opportunities for students across Montana."

—Mike Agostinelli, MTDA Instructional Program Director

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