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2013 Trends in Online Learning

Virtual, Blended, & Flipped Classrooms

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EdTech Trends Changing the K-12 Landscape

The digital conversion means different things to different education leaders in K-12. But this year's Speak Up Survey data reveals an exciting new trend - they seem to agree that online learning options are providing more ways to engage students. 

  • 43% of district administrators are now offering a variety of online courses to meet diverse student needs.
  • 60% of flipped learning teachers believe online learning motivates students more. 
  • 48% of high school parents want more online courses available at their child's high school. 

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Join Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, as she leads a discussion around exciting new trends in education that underscore new learning models as a means to drive innovation and more deeply engage students. 

"Being able to take classes online and electives at school would be more motivating and comfortable. It would encourage more students to do well academically. It would also teach students to be more independent."