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Free Industry Perspective:
Reimagining the Student Support Experience

In this Industry Perspective, Craig Chanoff, Vice President of Education Services at Blackboard, talks about how institutions of higher learning can optimize their investment in enrollment and student services through outsourcing student support.

Download the free industry perspective, “Reimaging the Student Support Experience,” to learn:

  • Why outsourcing student services and technology support is the best solution for your institution
  • How to create efficiencies in services students
  • How Blackboard can help deliver personalized support to your students, faculty, and staff
  • And much more
About Craig Chanoff:

Craig Chanoff is the Vice President and General Manager of Blackboard Education Services and is responsible for brining virtualized support and technology solutions to the most progressive higher education institutions.

Craig has more than 15 years of  significant relationship management, executive leadership and software experience. In addition to his full time responsibilities at Blackboard, Craig regularly guest lectures at universities on creating best customer service practices within a company. He sits on the Board of Directors of 501cTECH, a technology service provider who provides IT services to non-profit companies in Washington, DC.

Download the industry perspective:
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