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Sarasota County Schools:
Successful Transition To Common Core State Standards
"We are creating a tool that will give teachers the opportunity to really change their way of teaching and impact student learning. It's a tool to help teachers teach better and to help students to learn in a different way. With the impetus of common core, we're really looking at changing teaching and learning and we feel that this tool is going to be something that is easy for teachers. It's going to be one-stop-shopping that they can then personalize and customize to meet the needs of their students."
-Sue Meckler, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Sarasota County School's academic leaders faced a series of challenges from benchmark assessments to professional development as the district moved from state to Common Core State Standards. They were able to conduct benchmark assessments, create organized digital content for teachers, and provide online professional development with Blackboard. Check out the stats below for a quick snapshot of their benchmark assessment numbers.

Download Case Study: 

Watch the video and download the case study to learn how Sarasota County Schools is leveraging Blackboard Solutions to guide their transition to Common Core State Standards. 
State benchmark assessments are currently being developed three times per year
40,000+ assessments are delivered during each assessment period
120,000+ district benchmark assessments are delivered per year
Use Data to Drive Achievement
 Improve Pedagogy with Digital Content for Teachers
Provide Flexible Professional Development Options

Click the videos below to learn about Sarasota County's Common Core best practices