Blackboard Transact TM  2013 Webinar Schedule:
Campus Commerce Solutions:

In a time of increased confidentiality and need for data protection, it’s important to ensure maximum printing security. Printing in shared workspaces can make private documents vulnerable to exposure and can also create chaos due to the sharing of machines. Join Blackboard Transact and Pharos Systems International for a webinar that will discuss how Pharos’ Secure Release Here® printing solution can make campus printing more convenient and secure by allowing users to print to the printer that is most convenient for them from anywhere on campus, setting a hold on a print job to diminish the risk of someone seeing a confidential document before you pick it up and increase security through necessitating campus card identification.

The Secure Release Here Printing Application:

  • Offers green printing through reducing waste since users only release the jobs they really need to campus printers.
  • Promotes convenience by giving users the ability to release their print jobs at any Pharos-enabled device.
  • Ensures document security by holding jobs until owners arrive to printers to release them
  • Eliminates costs associated unnecessary print volumes

Making Sense of the Contactless Credential I  October 24  2:00 PM ET 

Contactless ID cards and their various uses on-campus represent a rapidly expanding technology that is helping schools operate more efficiently while enhancing the student experience. This informative session will take an inside look at contactless credentials and their capabilities, while introducing attendees to the options available to them and the key considerations in identifying the right technology for any campus. 

  • Understand your contactless options 
  • Learn how to identify the right credential technology for your campus' needs 
  • Get an inside look at contactlesss credentials: Sony FeliCa, Mifare Classic, Desfir

BlackboardPay - Your Choice I  November 7  2:00 PM ET 
  • Recent changes in players in the student financial aid market, coupled with increased governmental scrutiny on fee structures and account options, have caused many campuses to re-evaluate their choice of a services partner for the disbursement of student financial aid credit balances. Campuses across the nation are looking for alternatives that offer fee-free options for students to access their financial aid, immediate availability of funds, the same options for non-US citizens, and a program that meets both the letter and spirit of the Title IV regulations.
          Campus Security Solutions:

          The Active Shooter, Are You Prepared? I  October 17 2:00 PM ET 

          As shown through recent life-claiming shootings, it’s better to plan now than pay later. Join Blackboard Transact for a presentation of current information that will aid your campus in preparing for potential crisis. The ideas presented will address what a campus can do to prevent such an occurrence and how it can be dealt with through using technological capabilities such as:

          • Mass notification alert system 
          • Building lockdowns through access control
          • Monitoring campus access points 24/7
          Administrators can better protect their campuses by controlling who goes where and keeping students in the loop at all times.  

          With the heightened need for increased safety, securing campuses has taken the number one spot on the list of priorities. The attack on Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School showed the unexpected nature of tragedy and raised questions of campus preparedness. The shootings at Columbine, Virginia Tech and most recently, Santa Monica College have shown that security implementations are often made after crises. Join Blackboard Transact to discuss risk assessments, preparedness and innovative security solutions aimed at proactively mitigating risk on campus.

          The webinar will demonstrate ways to protect your campus through:

          • Increased access control
          • Around-the-clock campus video surveillance 
          • Mass notification alert systems 
          The combination of state-of-the-art technology, risk assessments and innovative security solutions can help provide the most secure experience for students, your number one priority
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