Understanding changes to TCPA

In July 2015 the FCC made some significant changes to the Telephone Consumers Protection Act (TCPA). For users of Blackboard's mass notification services this means there may be changes to the way you use our products. Here are some materials that we think will help as you adjust your policies and procedures for usage, as well as provide information about important product changes resulting from the new TCPA regulations.

UPDATE: FCC issues declaratory ruling!
On August 4 the FCC released a Declaratory Ruling that provides additional clarity around some aspects of TCPA, and provides some expanded use for educational institutions. Read the official ruling, and read our client brief on the ruling.


Additional Resources

Opt-out Hotline

  1. Opt-out Hotline:  855-502-7867
  2. Text Message Opt-Out:
    1. If your organization uses short code 53291, users can text "HELP" for instructions to opt-out of Informational messages only.
    2. If your organization uses short code 23177 or 63079, users can text "HELP" for instructions to opt out of informational and emergency text message notifications.

As always, Blackboard is eager to help you, so please contact your support representative if you have any additional questions!

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