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Today’s learners are redefining education. The “traditional student” who transitions directly from high school to the college campus is yielding way to the post-traditional learner whose educational path is less linear—perhaps balanced by work, family obligations, military duty and more. In choosing a college experience, these students are not only weighing the “what” of their educational journey but the “how” and “how much.” Institutions that are able to offer students the flexibility and simplicity learners require through technology and infrastructure find themselves higher on the consideration list.

To that end, Blackboard is launching a new resource that further simplifies the teaching and learning experience: the Blackboard StoreTMThrough the Blackboard Store, institutions can provide students with the learning resources they need when they need them. And students are presented with flexible purchase options, including the ability to apply for financial aid. This is the first in a series of innovative, learner-focused initiatives being introduced this year that can help institutions raise the bar with both student retention and success. 

Learn how this single resource makes education more personal, provides both learning and financial value, and how it creates more time for both educators and learners to engage with educational content.

Join us for this free webinar for:

  • Trends and habits of today's new learners 
  • Insight on how to create a more personalized student experience
  •  An exclusive preview into how the Blackboard Store will make it easier for students and instructors to find resources and design the educational experience they want
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Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Time: 1 PM ET/12 PM CT
Presenters: Rob Reynolds, Director of Digital Solutions at MBS and Ted Hopper, Vice President of Student Services at Blackboard

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About the Presenters
After earning his Ph.D. in Spanish at the University of Texas at Austin, Rob Reynolds began his career as a university faculty member teaching languages and literature. He has also served in university administration, as a textbook publishing executive, and as a co-founder of a successful educational technology startup. He has been an active researcher and blogger in the learning content space since 2003. He is the author of The Future of Learning Content (, and currently serves as Director of Digital Solutions for MBS, a content services company for both Higher Education and K-12.
As Vice President, Education Services, Ted Hopper is responsible for leading the launch and overall management, development and operations of the Blackboard Store™. Prior to his current role, Ted led business development activities for Blackboard’s various educational technology platforms including Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Mobile™, Blackboard Transact™, Blackboard Collaborate™ and Blackboard Student Services. Before joining Blackboard in 2008, Ted was Vice President, Business Affairs at ePals, Inc. an education media company.

Exclusive Preview: An Online Store that Redefines the Educational Experience
Take a tour of the online store that will become the new standard for teaching and learning