This year's digital learning trends report based on Speak Up 2013 National Survey Results focuses on understanding the student perspective on the impact and benefits of online learning, blended learning, and mobile learning initiatives.

Key findings include:

Students in online learning environments demonstrate greater usage of digital tools including use of those tools to develop enhanced writing skills.

53% of students would like for their schools to let them use their own mobile devices within instruction to support their schoolwork.

50% of middle school students who have taken an online class on their own feel that online learning makes it easier for them to succeed.

Students are looking for a classroom environment that more closely replicates the way they are using digital tools outside of school to support greater communications and collaboration.

2014 Trends in Digital Learning
Students' Views on Innovative Classroom Models

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When students are using digital resources, building multi-media projects, collaborating and connecting online and conducting research, they are more interested in school work today, and feel more connected to what their future holds tomorrow. 

-Dr. Mark Edwards, Superintendent, Mooresville Graded School District, NC

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