The Essential Guide to Synchronous Learning, Web Conferencing, and Real-Time Collaboration
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More than ever before, classrooms are places of collaboration, discovery and invention.  As institutions seek to create innovative classroom experiences, the demand for synchronous learning platforms is growing. But choosing the right platform is complicated, with widely varying cost structures and feature sets available across the industry.

Ultimately the question is: which platform will support your students and instructors, and help your institution reach its goals?

In The Essential Guide to Synchronous Learning, Web Conferencing and Real-Time Collaboration, you'll learn:
  • What matters most in a synchronous learning solution
  • How real-time collaboration platforms improve student recruitment and retention
  • How to ensure accessibility for every student, everywhere, every time
  • How real-time collaboration platforms prepare students for success and instill a passion for life-long learning.
Choosing the right tool for your institution is a big decision. Our in-depth eBook is the essential guide to helping you make the best decision for the future of your institution, and your students.
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Beyond virtual meetings: How to find the right solution for today’s evolving dynamic classroom